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... a project to document the life of the French community . .. suggests nothing less than a frame out of a Truffaut film." Boston Phoenix

"A robust body of work...the wallop of these images... Something poignant and subliminal draws us to these photographs..."
Kelly Wise for The Boston Globe

"...beautifully done ... subtle in tone, conveying elegance and a sense of class ... overall impression of vibrancy.... you conveyed the nature and spirit of a people."
Kathleen B. Hegarty, Staff Officer for Special Programs, Boston Public Library

"I highly recommend [Mr. Delevingne's] work. Its importance, both artistically and anthropologically, cannot be underestimated. This record will prove invaluable in years to come."
Bernard Genton, Cultural Attache, French Embassy, Boston, MA

ISBN 88-60619 - Nouveau Monde Press

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