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Lionel Delevingne
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Since 1980 Delevingne and Associates has a track record of providing a distinctive, refreshing and personal solution to independent schools and colleges for their printed and digital needs. Strongly rooted in the portraying of reality, noted writers, artists and market specialists unite with each client to probe and develop their unique identity.

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, Principal
Mr. Delevingne, D&A's founder, a native of France, a photojournalist by trade, began by studying education at Ecole Normale, Paris.

His photography is said to create excitement in a compelling sense. Style, beauty, character, emotion, and elegance are elicited from his subjects. Mr. Delevingne enjoys people. As a photojournalist he listens to them, and, in turn, tells their story with a distinctive eye. Mr. Delevingne is a recipient of many awards including National Endowment of the Arts/Humanities, UCDA, UCEA and CASE. His achievements, here in the U.S. and overseas, have gathered rave reviews from critics. His photographs are sought after by the most prestigious museums, institutions, and personal collectors throughout the world.

"Delevingne is beholden to the lineage of great picture journalists, and his talent, if not his inspiration, makes you think of the master of the genre, Cartier-Bresson."
Veronique Prevost, Figaro/Journal Francais
Publishing Associates, are the strength of D&A. Each is a consummate professional in their field. Merging into a creative team, they provide each client with simply the best.

Jerry Berndt, Photographer
Paris, France
Daniele Boone, Writer, author
Paris, France
Roberta Hillenberg-Gang, Designer
Timothy Lindop, Video Production
Elizabeth Loudon, Writer
Sam O'Neill, Writer, author
Celia Dame Robbins, Writer
Michael Schwelien, Author, writer
Hamburg, Germany
Steve Turner, Writer, author
Washington Post Magazine, NY Times

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